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This issue consists of several announcements, and a book excerpt.

Thomas Fitzsimmons

1 —We have launched our (not totally finished) website at: katydidbooks.com.

2 — We pass along a request from The University of Chicago Library:

The University of Chicago Library (Special Collections) has established a collection of all the works and papers of Thomas Fitzsimmons, and those of K. H-Fitzsimmons that specifically relate to literary matters.

All the published books have been collected. Should you have periodicals, chapbooks, manuscripts, ephemera, or any letters relating to literary matters, please send them (originals or copies) to TF at Katydid Books.

Reimbursement for postage and copying can be arranged.

3 — We are informed that a book by TF originally published in 1960 (see TF Published Work at katydidbooks.com) has just again become available:

U.S.S.R., It's People, Its Society, It's Culture

by Thomas Fitzsimmons.
Greenwood Press Reprint 1974. 590 pages.
LC 74-12074. ISBN 0-8371-7667-0. FlUS $110.00
Available again 03/19/2001.

4 — We have a published a new book for National Poetry Month (see TF Published Work at katydidbooks.com ): Zia — 64 linked haiku by Dennis H. Dutton and Thomas Fitzsimmons; cover art and four color illuminations) by Karen Hargreaves-Fitzsimmons:





Four New Mexico Linked-Haiku Sequences




Dennis H. Dutton & Thomas Fitzsimmons

Art by Karen Hargreaves-Fitzsimmons


Katydid Books
Santa Fe



Paper, ISBN 0942668-58-8; $10.00
Katydid Books, 1 Balsa Rd., Santa Fe ,NM 87505
Phone and Fax (505) 466 9909


First Alfalfa Cut
(first sequence)


first alfalfa cut
over stripes of green and gold
a swallowtail


yellow moon
sails the long thin rivers
coyote hunkers

Bosque del Apache
the cottonwood where Jim
hanged himself

grass bush tree
in dawn_lit frost
each its own ghost

a plastic bag
caught on a barbed_wire fence
fills with wind

cedars black
into green blue dappled dawn
two herons rising

the smell of bread
fresh from the horno
Taos Pueblo

mountain fog
bites into my cheeks—
cedar smoke

cars brought to a stop
by the cloudy breath
of the buffalo

in the arroyo
one bigchested loud flicker
one rusted pickup

Ponce de León
retirement home
the fountain dry

spring ice on white
Chiricahua riverstones
Geronimo's bones

the church at Picurís
my fingerprints

silver lace
climbs adobe wall
summer lightning

in her nicho
the calm surrounding
Saint Barbara

the sound of one's soul

Copyright © 2000 Thomas Fitzsimmons

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